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Our objective is to make life easy for all retirement plan stakeholders. We do our best to thoroughly explain the features and benefits of our smart retirement solutions. Sometimes, you may still have a question. Click on these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get the information you need to understand why smart retirement solutions are best in class. 

  • Where do I send the completed Enrollment Forms?
    Fax to: 813.466.7523 Email to: Mail to: Aspire ATTN: Enrollments 4010 Boy Scout Boulevard Suite 500 Tampa, FL 33607
  • Does Aspire provide Third-Party Administration (TPA) services?
    No, Aspire does not provide TPA services, but can recommend a provider through our TPA network, if requested.
  • Are there any fee offsets?
    Yes, we will apply up to $20 of the $40 account fee to offset third-party administrator (TPA) / common remitter fees. The fee offset is dependent on each plan's fee arrangements with the TPA/Common Remitter.
  • Are there fees from the mutual fund company?
    All mutual funds charge a management fee and sometimes other fees. The ratio between the fund's total fees and the fund's assets is called the expense ratio. Expense ratios vary by fund share class.
  • Do Participants get charged an account fee for each fund in my account?
    No, there is no additional charge per mutual fund investment and a participant may hold multiple fund families in their single Aspire account. The annual account fee of $40 and 0.15% covers all Aspire fees.
  • If Participants have an existing account with a mutual fund company do they need to establish an account with Aspire?
    Yes. Aspire acts as an approved investment provider within the plan and Aspire Enrollment Forms are required to establish an account. Aspire accounts offer access to mutual fund investments that may no longer be available directly with the fund companies.
  • Where can I find a 403(b) Enrollment Form?
    On the K-12 page of the 403(b) plan section go to Plan Search. This link will give you the option to select your State and Plan/District Name. Next, please click on Plan Details located under Quick Links. Here you can find your plan’s most current enrollment form.
  • I have a Traditional IRA. Can I contribute to a Roth IRA as well?
    Yes. Account holders can contribute to both a Traditional and a Roth IRA; however, the limits on annual contributions apply to any combination of Traditional and Roth IRA contributions that you make for the year.

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