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Our objective is to make life easy for all retirement plan stakeholders. We do our best to thoroughly explain the features and benefits of our smart retirement solutions. Sometimes, you may still have a question. Click on these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get the information you need to understand why smart retirement solutions are best in class. 

  • How do I get paid?
    Advisors are paid just as they would in normal circumstances; the broker dealer or registered investment advisor firm is paid, and payments flow through to the agent. Loaded shares are paid, as are the 12b-1 commissions, depending on share class chosen.
  • Is there online access for Financial Advisors?
    Yes. Once your first enrollment form is processed, you will receive an email from Aspire with their login info, granting you online access to any participant accounts that you are listed as authorized agent.
  • What level of access for advisors is provided? Can I change investments in my participant accounts?
    Advisors will have account view access online. Under normal circumstances, financial advisors will not have discretionary capabilities online or over the phone. In certain cases, where compliant with the policy of the financial advisor’s broker dealer, discretion can be granted, with written permission from the participant.
  • Can I transfer existing 403(b) accounts to my participants Aspire account?
    Yes, existing accounts may be transferred to the new Aspire account. There is a transfer form under each plan's Plan Details page, which would need to be filled out, as well as any delivering firm's required transfer form, and possibly a transfer form required by the third-party administrator. For American Funds transfers, a delivering firm form is not required.
  • Do you send statements to participants?
    Yes. Hard-copy statements are sent to participants on a quarterly basis. Participants can create and download statements online at any time.
  • Do advisors receive a copy of those statements?
    No. Financial advisors do not receive hard-copy statements, but do have online access to their participants' accounts. On-demand statements are available for any time period.
  • Are there any fee offsets?
    Yes, we will apply up to $20 of the $40 account fee to offset third-party administrator (TPA) / common remitter fees. The fee offset is dependent on each plan's fee arrangements with the TPA/Common Remitter.
  • What does it cost to establish a SIMPLE IRA plan at Aspire?
    Aspire does not charge a fee to establish a SIMPLE IRA plan.
  • How do I establish a SIMPLE IRA plan for my business?
    Complete the Plan Sponsor Profile, the IRS Form 5305-SIMPLE and the Aspire SIMPLE IRA Employer Agreement and return to Aspire. Once signed, the 5305-SIMPLE becomes the plan’s basic legal document, describing your employees’ rights and benefits. Please keep the original for your records.
  • When can I establish my SIMPLE IRA plan?
    Typically, SIMPLE IRA plans must be established between January 1st and October 1st.
  • How do I remit SIMPLE IRA contributions?
    You can remit contributions by filling in and signing the Aspire Contribution Transmittal Form. Mail this form, along with the contribution check, to Aspire at the address listed on the form. Aspire also accepts Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and wire transfers.

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