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Our objective is to make life easy for all retirement plan stakeholders. We do our best to thoroughly explain the features and benefits of our smart retirement solutions. Sometimes, you may still have a question. Click on these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get the information you need to understand why smart retirement solutions are best in class. 

  • What are the fees to participants?
    Aspire charges a $40 account fee and a custody fee of 15 basis points (0.15%) of the account value annually for its recordkeeping services. These fees are assessed against the participant's accounts monthly. In most cases, up to $20 of the account fee is used to offset some or all of the TPA's fees.
  • Are there any fee offsets?
    Yes, we will apply up to $20 of the $40 account fee to offset third-party administrator (TPA) / common remitter fees. The fee offset is dependent on each plan's fee arrangements with the TPA/Common Remitter.

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