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403(b) Solutions for Faith Based

Aspire’s open-architecture platform, InvestLink gives faith-based organizations the options they need to manage their niche-based retirement plan. With more than 25,000 investment options that include mutual funds, exchange traded funds, collective trusts, and stable value funds, the organization’s advisor has a wealth of choices to meet each plan’s unique structure. A wide variety of socially responsible funds is also available to allow plan sponsors to select investments that reflect their beliefs.

Aspire’s fair, flat-dollar-base-fee pricing allows ministers and employees to have confidence they are getting the most from their retirement plan savings. As advocates for the participant, our philosophy is to provide full disclosure of all fees and expenses.

Access to Top Investment Managers

InvestLink provides access to the industry's top investment managers. Using an investment manager can help you create a mutually beneficial relationship with participants/employees. Ongoing portfolio management, rebalancing, performance reporting or billing and collection of management fees are all performed by Aspire and the investment manager. The participant and advisor are responsible for selecting the most appropriate investment manager for participant accounts, monitoring the performance of the investment manager and managing the relationship with the investment manager.

Fund Search provides information about funds available through InvestLink. Some funds may be restricted by the plan sponsor and/or financial professional. Before selecting a mutual fund investment, participants/employees should check with the plan administrator or broker dealer to confirm if there are any restrictions.

Aspire offers other investment options that can be offered in the same account as the mutual fund option, so there is no need for a separate account.

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