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Built on the Cornerstone of Transparency

From day one, Aspire has practiced transparency and focused on increasing awareness among plan sponsors and participants regarding the fees charged to retirement plans.

In designing the Definitive Disclosure program, we focused on the following objectives:

  • Provide complete transparency organized in an informative presentation for plan sponsors
  • Leverage system automation with business rule processing for accuracy

Aspire’s Definitive Disclosure is a feature of InvestLinkSM that delivers easy access to information necessary for rule compliance by providing a centralized location for disclosure information. It’s an industry-leading fee disclosure program that allows plan sponsors to identify all fees, categorize them and assign them to each covered service provider. Not only does this help sponsors comply with the disclosure requirements, it also helps them stay abreast of the plan’s service providers, fees and expenses.

  • The Service Providers Profile report enables viewing of a plan’s Covered Service Providers (CSPs), as well as fees and investment expenses
  • The Covered Service Providers report shows the fees in a simplified format
  • Summary Plan Disclosure notices can be printed and delivered on demand
  • Quarterly statements and reporting may help meet the annual disclosure requirements

Aspire does not charge clients for the Definitive Disclosure feature, yet the benefits are substantial.

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