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Strategic Partners

We value our Strategic Partner relationships.

First and foremost, Aspire supports our Strategic Partners by automating processes, delivering the latest technology, providing branded solutions, communicating on all levels and offering flexibility to make wise, cost-effective investment choices. We serve all stakeholders with the same high level of commitment—implementing the smartest retirement solutions to achieve goals across the board. Aspire is a retirement management solutions company that focuses on enabling our Strategic Partners. If you are successful, then we are successful. With this motto in mind we have helped countless Strategic Partners build out robust offerings to achieve maximum success.

Aspire works with a variety of Strategic Partners to develop custom solutions and marketing partnerships, including:


Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)


RIAs and Broker Dealers


Advisory and Wealth Management Firms


3(38) & 3(21) Strategists




Investment Managers




Compliance Experts


CPA Firms


Investment and Participant Educators


Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)


Payroll & Employee Benefit Firms


Data Aggregators


Investment Technologies


4000+ School Districts

Connecting Advisors to Investment Managers

InvestLink provides Advisors with access to the industry's top investment managers to create mutually beneficial relationships with plan Participants. By using Third-party Investment Managers, Advisors eliminate the responsibility of ongoing portfolio management, rebalancing, performance reporting, billing, and collection of management fees. These duties are performed by Aspire and the Investment Manager. Advisors can select the most appropriate Investment Manager for their clients, monitoring the performance of the Investment Manager and managing the relationship between their client and the Investment Manager.

Connecting Advisors to Custodians

InvestLink allows Advisors to configure the investment offering suited to their clients’ needs. It allows Aspire to serve as an objective service provider, offering investments without the potential for the conflicts of interest that many other firms encounter.

The centerpiece of Aspire’s open-architecture solution is the freedom to:

  • Select a Custodian – work with the industry’s top Custodians for competitive pricing and ancillary support services
  • Select any available investments by designated Custodian – allows access to thousands of brand- name mutual funds, ETFs, collective investment funds (CIFs)

In addition, Aspire supports a variety of non-standard assets, fixed annuities, unitization services and Third-party Investment Managers.

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