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Private-Label Branding Program

Private-Label Branding Program

Aspire offers several private-label brand packages to fit any scale of branding in digital and print formats. The digital branding can be applied to augment our client’s existing website or to expand to deliver a retirement services messaging and tools presence, login access to the recordkeeping system and any other landing pages to assist with sales enablement. Other branding assets include recordkeeping system, plan establishment guides, plan forms and other marketing materials. For a nominal cost, private-label branding allows our customers to drive competitive advantage and grow business through value-added services. The Private-Label Branding program can be developed at an advisor, TPA or plan sponsor level. 

Aspire Private Label Branded Offerings

Private-Label Branding Program Offerings

Aspire offers four levels in our Private-Label Branding program. You decide what program best suits your needs—and the needs of your clients—to grow your business. You’re in control because the choices are yours. You can choose a hybrid or fully branded solution. Al a carte services may be selected individually or added onto one of the packages.

  1. Classic - Platform Branding

Your brand represented in the masthead of all access points in the InvestLink system platform. Aspire’s branding will appear in all other remaining real estate areas, including the login pages. Clients will access portals through the advisor’s website or Includes:

  • Customized mastheads

  1. Select - Platform Branding + Collateral

Your brand represented in key elements in the InvestLink retirement management system. A library of print and online assets can be chosen based on customer need, as required. Includes:

  • All services in the Classic program, plus
  • Branded forms and enrollment materials
  1. Premium - Platform Branding + Microsite + IT Consulting

Your brand represented on a single login page through a specific URL to provide access for your clients to login to Aspire’s InvestLink recordkeeping system through your website. Receive up to five single web pages that will serve as an extension to your current website. Includes:

  • Branded InvestLink login page, plus
  • Customized microsite (up to 5 pages)
  1. Elite - Platform Branding + Microsite + Collateral + IT Consulting

Your brand represented on a fully branded site supported by consultative marketing and communications services. Includes:

  • All services in the Premium program, plus
  • Branded forms and enrollment materials
  • Integrated Marketing and Communications plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Branded image on all UI levels
  • Developed based on project requirements

Brand Your Way
Make the choice that will enhance your business…and let’s get started. At Aspire, we have a unique ability to ‘brand your way’ across web portals, materials and communications. Through an engaging collaboration with our Marketing team, we can develop a strong online presence or build upon what you currently have to promote an information-driven set of tools. The Private-Label Branding program can be developed at an advisor, TPA or plan sponsor level.

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