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Smart Retirement Solutions Powered by Aspire


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Smart Retirement Solutions Powered by Aspire



Smart Retirement Solutions Powered by Aspire



Smart Retirement Solutions Powered by Aspire


New 403(b) Enrollment Portal
Quick and easy access

Smart Retirement Solutions Powered by Aspire




Get plan design flexibility, a business intelligence portal that streamlines the sales process, data access, and a TPA Partnership program that helps grow business.
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Build plans with no conflicts, link to strategic relationships, and access all retirement management plan details, investment options and activity reports on demand.
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Strategic Partners

Partner with a technology-enabled retirement recordkeeping management provider for comprehensive services in a BPO or flexible model to complement your business.
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Plan Sponsors / Employers

Reduce paperwork and manual processing; access investments, forms and reports; view activity; process contributions; approve loans and distributions.
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Participants / Employees

View summary of approved investment options, access user-friendly charts/tables, check account balance and calculate rate of return on investment portfolio.
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InvestDesign Center

Request a proposal, access sales materials and forms, link to sales and service teams, customize choices, and seamlessly integrate private-label branded solutions.
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Open-Investment Simplicity

It's uncomplicated. It's vital. It's about choice. It's the best way to build the right investment menu. Aspire's open-investment platform—InvestLink—links to thousands of investment choices. Each smart retirement solution is tailored to the needs of customers, participants and plan types. Having access to unlimited investment options, strategic partnerships and operational support—it's not hard to design a plan.



Private-Label Branding and BPO

Maintain your brand image—and your clients’ brand loyalty with Aspire. We are your partner your way. Build a personalized private-label branding solution from displaying a logo in a template—to implementing a fully customized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution with your visual identity across web portals that reduces costs, alleviates risk, maintains control and grows your business.


Best-of-Breed Packaged Solutions

Industry leaders. Best-of-breed service providers. We establish strategic, collaborative relationships with top companies that share our commitment to deliver conflict-free investments and fee transparency—to develop pre-defined, cost-effective packaged solutions providing recordkeeping and plan processing for all plan types. It’s not one size fits all—and it’s not one company does it all.


Expand Your Business
with IRAs

Many states have started to mandate retirement coverage, while a majority of employers think providing a plan is too expensive. As an advisor, you are uniquely positioned to reach plan sponsors and expand your business with a compliance-driven, cost-effective solution—Individual Retirement Accounts. In the changing retirement landscape, IRAs are becoming a popular choice for employers who want to provide a retirement plan for their workers while keeping costs down. Partner with Aspire to build flexible, regulatory-compliant solutions for your business and make sure you and your clients are ready to adapt to the changing marketplace.

Payroll Deduction IRA – No cost for employers, no employer liability, available to all employees, works for any size business.

SIMPLE IRA – No administrative cost for employers, no filing requirements, higher contribution rates than Traditional or Roth IRA, requires employer contributions.